new look, and your help

March 30, 2009

I’ve started playing around with WordPress themes and settings.  The whole look of this blog might change dramatically several times over the next few weeks while I get things worked out.  One thing that many themes let users do is put in a custom header – with a stock one in waiting until an appropriate custom one is found.  You can see my stock one at the top of this page, various cafes in the midst of a city.

This post, while partially a warning about potential changes in the works, is also to ask for your help, elusive reader.  I need a good header, something appropriate for a blog about… whatever this is about.  Filling time, writing about things that interest me.  Often media, but mostly whatever grabs my attention.  If you have a suitable picture, or know of a Creative Commons one somewhere in the depths of the internet, please let me know by comment or Facebook, if you’ve got me.




February 3, 2009

The awfulness of blogspot’s layout drove me out, so here I am.  Welcome, readers that I do not have!