April 24, 2009

I came across this excellent new series of Scrabble ads on Boing Boing this morning.  Excellent attempt at turning Scrabble (which I love, although I’m terrible at it) into something much cooler and more exciting than it is.  Deliberating for 15 minutes over seven letters will, unfortunately, never be as awesome as these commercials make it out to be.  But they’re still great fun.

I do wonder, however, where these are running.  They seem a little too racy for US broadcast TV.  They must be for a European market.

Also check out the other two, Sumo and Yoga.


the future of music

April 1, 2009

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Girl Talk for some years now, particularly after seeing one of his live shows.  I love the mashup style, the level of artistry in mixing together other sounds to create something genuinely new.

But this blows him away.  Kutiman’s absolutely stunning YouTube mash ups are completely brilliant.  And so new, something impossible to imagine even five years ago.  He takes a series of amateur clips, tutorials and random bits of people singing – none of which would be worth watching on their own, and mashes them into genuinely great music.  The Mother of All Funk Chords is a great funk song, This is What it Became is excellent dub, while I M New, embedded above, is just… stunning.

I found this through Merlin Mann’s post about it on, which has a link to Jonathan Coulton’s post about it.  Coulton’s blog also has a great discussion running in the comments about the potential legality of what Kutiman is doing.

This is what I get for taking early March off the internet, due to an excess of late winter sunshine.  I missed this hitting Boing Boing, although looking back, it did so in a fairly unimpressive way, considering the implications of this for the future of creative work on the ‘net.