new look, and your help

I’ve started playing around with WordPress themes and settings.  The whole look of this blog might change dramatically several times over the next few weeks while I get things worked out.  One thing that many themes let users do is put in a custom header – with a stock one in waiting until an appropriate custom one is found.  You can see my stock one at the top of this page, various cafes in the midst of a city.

This post, while partially a warning about potential changes in the works, is also to ask for your help, elusive reader.  I need a good header, something appropriate for a blog about… whatever this is about.  Filling time, writing about things that interest me.  Often media, but mostly whatever grabs my attention.  If you have a suitable picture, or know of a Creative Commons one somewhere in the depths of the internet, please let me know by comment or Facebook, if you’ve got me.



2 Responses to new look, and your help

  1. Audrey says:

    hey adam, it’s cool that you’ve taken up blogging (i myself have used livejournal for the past few years), i learned a few things about podcasts from scanning your entries. also, how are you liking the new dollhouse episodes? the first few weren’t so promising for me, but i think the storyline is improving: i especially loved the last episode with the loss of inhibitions in some of the more black&white characters… mostly for comic relief, but i think it provided some much needed insight.

    some suggestions for designs: you can easily install themes pre-designed by other people from… i think? maybe that’s only for wp blogs hosted on other sites…

    otherwise, you can search for images related to certain subjects. some are cc images, i think they are tagged as such if they are.

    • adamgilg says:

      I have tried a few random flickr searches, but to no avail. I might just need to think up some better keywords. And ’tis true, what you say about themes. But many of them have space for a custom banner, and then I’m back to the problem with the whole photo thing here.
      As for Dollhouse, I’m also really starting to get into it now. I read some interview with Joss Whedon about a month before the show started where he was talking about how the first 6 episodes or so were going to be setting up the world, and starting around episode 7 the show would start getting really interesting. I think this was to avoid the whole Firefly thing where people felt lost and didn’t have a solid, clearly outlined view of the world. Or so Fox thought, after airing the first episode as the 11th! Stupid, stupid Fox.
      I feel like it’s just gonna get better. In the same interview Whedon said that he was planning for a seven season arc. I would very much enjoy this. Although Eliza Dushku kinda sucks.

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