EVE’s Legends in the Making

(CC Licenced image from Psycho Al’s Flickr stream)

The last few days the internet has been all abuzz with news of the big Band of Brothers upset in EVE Online.  I love this kind of thing far more than tales of an elaborate raid in World of Warcraft (even those that inspire some sort of not-so-game related story, such as the famous Leeroy Jenkins incident).

A super brief summary, from my fifth-hand knowledge perspective: huge alliance of players that controls some of the most profitable space in EVE is disbanded by the hand of a single player, and said disbanded alliance now scrabbles for the upper hand as all of their (numerous) enemies rush in to rip them apart.  This is the stuff of legends, in a way that the horribly clichéd fantasy storylines of WoW never could be.  Seriously, grassroots storytelling at its best.

This is why EVE looks awesome, despite my having little to no knowledge of its actual gameplay.

The best writeup of this whole event is over at BoingBoing affiliate Offworld with Jim Rossignol’s latest Ragdoll Metaphysics column: Good Grief, the Victory of Eve’s Space Goons.  Highly worth reading.

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